Road to Learn Rust Quickly

Aligning to a lot of the ideas that were expressed by Joe’s How to Learn Quickly, I would like to take my first stab at what that would look like for myself. This will be broken down in the same way as he establishes it:

  1. Make Your Map
  2. Stay on Track
  3. Cross the Finishline

Make Your Map

When thinking of my map here are the answers to the questions I have:

Clear Vision “Learn Rust deeply and become a maintainer/contributor of the Rust implementation of MDX”

To achieve this, I will need to complete a few objectives along the way:

The designated time frame shall be: 5 months * 10hrs/wk * 4 weeks = 200 hours in total.

The timeline would be best to accomplish this as:

  1. Week 1
  1. Week 2
  1. Week 3
  1. Week 4

I want to take this 4 week past first and evaluate velocity and efficacy of this work. In addition I would like to have a project that I work on which is a bit hard to scope without knowing where I am past this. I want to also scope work for contributing to MDX but once again requires more research